Mooste Vodka Distillery Hotel


Mooste Distillery Guest House (Viinavabrik) is a hotel-type guest house located in Southern Estonia with a total of seven rooms. All rooms are equipped with a shower, toilet and TV. The house has free WiFi.

The guest rooms—six regular rooms and a suite—are all named in honour of vodka makers, bearing their first names.

Two of the regular rooms overlook the Distillery's courtyard and the main house of the manor, while the windows of the northern side of the house overlook the balcony.

Throughout history, the first floor of the building of has been used for accommodation, although only the most important factory workers and their families lived here at the time.

All rooms have different, stylish interiors.

A cosy and elegant atmosphere is created in the guest house’s hallway by a carpet bearing the motifs of a traditional belt from Kanepi Parish. A vending machine for hot beverages is located in the hallway. The bathrooms in the guest rooms are decorated with hand-painted mirrors by Iris Jurma.


The Guest House is the right place for you if you appreciate cosy and comfortable accommodation. Outside, the birds are singing and you can marvel the beautiful manor and the surrounding nature. Take a look of the surrounding from here.