Mooste Vodka Distillery Hotel

Photo studio

The photo studio of the Photo Tourism Centre is made special and different from studios in cities thanks to its location. The studio is located in a house with a fascinating history and beautiful architecture where photographing on a white background would be a sin. Photo sessions can be carried out in different rooms of the Centre or outdoors when renting the studio.


Technical information:

2.7 m wide paper backgrounds

4 m high ceiling

8 m maximum photographing distance

Equipment: 3×500 W, 1×250 W Bowens studio flash heads, different soft boxes, reflectors, etc. that are required for professional work in the studio.


One does not have to be a supermodel to take pictures in a studio, because each and every one of us has beauty, charm and brilliance that can be photographed!

The studio of the Centre has seen many beautiful marriage proposals, young newlyweds, friends, and product photo shoots.


Options for a studio photo shoot:

Family photos in the studio and in the manor complex

Dress-ups with friends

In addition to renting the studio for photography, feel free to ask for training in using the studio.