Mooste Vodka Distillery Hotel


Bird hide for bird-watching and photography. The hide is located approximately 17 km from the Photo Tourism Centre. We organise transportation to the hide.


The trail camera in the hide has caught foxes, raccoon dogs, ravens, sea eagles, wolves and bears.

When shooting photos from the hide, be sure to account for the distance of the feeding post from the hide – 15 m.

The hide has six openings for taking photos on normal height and three near the ground. There are also windows for nature and bird watching. The hide accommodates up to four people.

The hide can be used throughout the year. Book it now!

In addition to the Photo Tourism Centre’s bird hide, our guests can also use the hide owned by NGO Forest Tourism, located 18 km from the Centre. In addition to birds and foxes, people have also seen elks from the NGO Forest Tourism bird hide.

Come and experience nature in a whole new way!